City of Independence, Missouri

City of Independence

Council Agenda

August 6, 2018

6:00 PM, Council Chambers

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Lupe Moe, Lay Person Independence Stake, Public Affairs Council L.D.S.




  1. Carol Bolt wishes to speak to Council in opposition of the application made by 24 Highway Thriftway.  




Reports and Recommendations of the City Manager

  1. Approval of minutes for the Regular Meetings on July 2, 2018 and July 16, 2018.


  2. Council action is requested to issue a purchase order to GE International Inc., in the amount of $1,640,176.49, for a Major Inspection of the H-6 Combustion Turbine for the Power & Light Department. [Postponed to October 1 Council Meeting.]

    Postponed to October 1 Council Meeting

  3. Council action is recommended to execute a Lease Agreement with the Independence Chamber of Commerce for use by the Tourism Division staff and to house a satellite Visitor Experience Center at 210 W Truman Road, Independence, Missouri, 64050.


  4. Council action is requested to issue a purchase order to Eaton Ephesus Lighting in the amount of $288,095.00 for LED lighting upgrade for the Silverstein Eye Center Arena.


  5. Approval is recommended to amend the Schedule of Fees for the City of Independence to be effective August 7, 2018.




Public Hearings

  1. A public hearing for the application by Mark S. Cosgrove requesting a rezoning from O-1, Office Residential and C-2, General Commercial, to C-2, General Commercial, for the property located at 1208 and 1210 E. US 24 Highway.  New Information Only.  

    Held and Closed

  2. A public hearing for the application by Mark Cosgrove requesting a Special Use Permit to operate a used vehicle sales business at 1208 and 1210 E. US 24 Highway.  New Information Only.

    Held and Closed

  3. Proposed property tax rates to be set by the City of Independence for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018, based on the current assessed valuation by Jackson County and Clay Counties. Full Public Hearing. 

    Held and Closed

Non-Ordinance Action Items

  1. Council action is requested on the application to transfer the existing Retailer of Intoxicating Liquor Package Liquor License and Sunday Sales License from 24 Highway Thriftway, Inc. to Shabz, LLC. for 24 Highway Market located at 1000 West US 24 Highway. This application requires a two-third majority vote for approval due to residential property being located within three hundred (300) feet of the establishment.

    Not Approved


First Readings


  1. Case 18-125-01, a request from Jennifer Asbury with the Spanos Corporation to rezone the property at 19700 East 39th Place South from R-6, Single Family Residential to R-30 PUD, High Density Residential PUD, was advertised for a new information only public hearing at the August 6, 2018, City Council meeting.  The applicant has requested that the first reading by City Council be delayed to September 4, 2018,  and second reading be held on September 17, 2018.  As such, the August 6, 2018 City Council new information only public hearing on this item is continued to the September 17, 2018, City Council meeting. 


  2. Purchase order 19000003 in the amount of $64,566.20 was issued to Matrix Service for repairs to Settling Basin No. 1 at the Courtney Bend Water Plant for the Water Department


  3. Municipal Court Monthly Case summary Report for June, 2018.


  4. The City Clerk's office in receipt of the 23rd and Sterling Community Improvement District Annual Reports ending June 30, 2017 and June 30, 2018.


  5. The City Clerk's office is in receipt of the Marketplace Community Improvement District Annual Report ending June 30, 2017.




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