City of Independence

Planning Commission Agenda

September 13, 2016

6:00 PM, Council Chambers, Independence City Hall

City Code Chapter 14 and the staff reports are entered into the record.
  1. call to order
  2. roll call
  3. consent agenda

    The Consent Agenda consists of routine items of business to be acted upon by the Planning Commission with little or no public discussion. The staff or committee recommendation for each item is included in the Planning Commission packet. Any item may be removed by a Commissioner or staff member to become part of the regular agenda.

    1. Case #16-320-02 - Final Plat approval of the Market Square at 300 N. Main Street.
    2. Case #16-320-05 – Final Plat approval of New Town Harmony located in Section 2 of Township 49 North, Range 31 West
  4. public hearing
    1. Case #16-200-06 - Special Use Permit – 11330 East Truman Road
      Richard Holliday/Maple Street House requests a Special Use Permit for an alcohol/drug abuse recovery center at 11330 East Truman Road.
    2. Case #16-200-07 - Special Use Permit – 3306 South Blue Ridge Boulevard
      Acapulco Auto Sales requests a Special Use Permit for vehicle sales at 3306 South Blue Ridge Boulevard.
    3. Case #16-200-08 - Special Use Permit – 103 South Peck Road
      EcoSite, Inc. requests a Special Use Permit for a wireless communication facility at 103 South Peck Road.
    4. Case #16-200-09 - Special Use Permit – 803 West Waldo Avenue
      Janiece Marie Meek and Edwin Terrel Meek request a Special Use Permit for bed and breakfast lodging services at 803 West Waldo Avenue.
    5. Case #16-200-10 - Special Use Permit – 1504 South Harris Avenue
      EcoSite, Inc. requests a Special Use Permit for wireless communication facility at 1504 South Harris Avenue.
    6. 16-175-06 – Unified Development Ordinance – Amendment # 26
      The City proposes Amendment #26 of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).
  5. approval of minutes
    1. August 23, 2016
  6. roundtable
  7. adjournment
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