Smyrna Georgia



11-762 - A resolution creating an eight-member Police Property Tax Oversight Committee, defining the purposes and duties of the committee, and providing for its organization and plan of operation.


11-102 -2R. An ordinance increasing the general property tax rate by $0.3629 per $100 of assessed valuation to be used solely for the purpose of funding services provided by the Police Department of the City, subject to the approval by the voters of the City; calling for an election to be held on April 3, 2012; proposing the form of the ballot and directing the City Clerk to do all things called for by law in connection with holding said election. Second reading deferred to Adjourned meeting on December 12, 2011.

11-104 - 2R. An ordinance authorizing an agreement with the City of Blue Springs, Missouri, and the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District to establish the Eastern Jackson Country P-25 System, an interoperable radio communications system, and to share in costs for maintaining the system.

11-108 - 2R. An ordinance authorizing an agreement with the City of Kansas City, Missouri, to connect the Independence, Missouri, radio communications system with the Kansas City, Missouri, communications master site.

11-109 - 2R. An ordinance authorizing an agreement with Motorola Solutions, Inc., for installation of a communications system upgrade and system maintenance services, and authorizing execution of a master equipment lease-purchase agreement to finance the upgrade with a total purchase and financing amount not to exceed $1,804,000; authorizing the execution of certain other documents in connection therewith; making the necessary appropriations; and prescribing other matters relating thereto.

Ord. #17840

********* FIRST READINGS **********

1st R.

11-114 - 1R. An ordinance authorizing a memorandum of understanding with the Independence School District for use of radios that will communicate with the City of Independence, Missouri, radio system.



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