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Council action is requested to enter into price agreements (364-17) with Act-1 Government Solutions (Appleone), Aerotek, The Empyrean Group, and JRL Executive Recruiters for Recruitment Services for the Power & Light Department for the period of July 11, 2017, through June 30, 2018. The agreement may be renewed for up to three, one-year periods. Expenditures will not exceed budgeted amounts.

Council action to enter into price agreements.

Price agreements establish set prices that remain in effect for a designated period of time. This allows City departments to utilize the agreements in the performance of their operations without requiring a separate bid process each time the service or commodity is required. This price agreement is for Recruitment Services for the Power & Light Department.

Over recent months, the Power & Light Department has experienced difficulty in finding qualified individuals to fill technical positions. These positions include: Senior Engineer, System Protection Engineer, and Engineering Supervisor. In order to secure access to a larger group of highly qualified technical candidates, Power & Light has requested proposals from firms experienced in providing professional recruitment services.

The Request for Proposals (RFP) for Recruitment Services for Power & Light was issued on May 11, 2017. The RFP required that applicants have a business location with 50 miles of the Independence Utility Center, and the evaluation criteria focused on firms with experience in providing recruitment services to Public Utilities. The RFP stated the intent was to award multiple contracts to qualified firms, as this will provide the largest pool of applicants from which to choose. Services will be provided on an “as needed, if needed” basis and Power & Light will not incur cost to review applicants, but only if an applicant is actually hired. Four (4) firms responded to the solicitation: Act-1 Government Solutions (Appleone), Aerotek, The Empyrean Group, and JRL Executive Recruiters.

The Evaluation Committee, comprised of City staff, scored each proposal in accordance with the following criteria: 1) Experience Providing Recruitment Services to Public Utilities; 2) Experience and Qualifications of Proposed Personnel; 3) Substantial Compliance; and 4) Cost. After a thorough review of the proposals and requests for Best and Final Offers, the Evaluation Committee unanimously recommended all four companies for award. See the attached evaluation summary. The Human Resources Department participated in the development of the RFP and evaluation of the proposals.

The RFP was posted as follows.
1. Posted on the City’s website.
2. Direct notification by Public Purchase, the City’s Internet-based, e-procurement system to 25 potential providers of this service, of which, 14 accessed the RFP.

Department:          Power & LightContact Person:          Andrew Boatright

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