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BILL NO. 17-071Ord.No:          18770

Agenda Title:

17-071 - 2R. An ordinance authorizing a purchase order with Central Plumbing for the potable and non-potable water site piping replacement project at the Rock Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant for the full sum of $646,200.00; authorizing future minor change orders in an amount not to exceed $64,620.00 and/or time extensions; and making the necessary appropriations.

Water Pollution Control Department recommends approval.


There is approximately 5,400 linear feet of underground potable and non-potable water piping at the Rock Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant that remains in service from the original construction of the plant, which is approximately 40 years old.  Non-potable water is used throughout the plant for seal water for pumps, solids handling processes and general cleaning of equipment and structures.  Potable water is used for certain pumping needs, fire hydrants and personal hygiene.  Deterioration of the original piping has resulted in regular leaks/ breaks and needed repairs which has required increased maintenance and caused forced operational shutdown of treatment processes.

Fiscal Impact:

This project is to be funded by transferring appropriations from Capital Improvement Project No. 70301108 (Holding Basins and Pump Station Improvements) in the amount of Seven Hundred Ten Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty and NO/100 Dollars ($710,820.00) to Capital Improvement Project No. 70301616 (Water Utilities Improvement Project).  Funds for this project will be debt financing.

Department:          WPCContact Person:          Matthew Say

City Clerk DepartmentApproved

Council Action:          Council Action:          Accepted

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