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City of Independence
BILL NO. 17-501Vote Deferred to 4/17/17 Meeting

Agenda Title:

17-501 - 1R. An ordinance approving an amended final plat of the New Town at Harmony, Plat One, located North of E. Truman Road, between S. Fisher Road and the Little Blue River, in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri; repealing Ordinance 18701, and declaring an emergency. [Motion made to defer vote on item until the April 17, 2017 Council meeting.]
Executive Summary:

An emergency ordinance for approval of an amended final plat of New Town at Harmony, Plat One, Case No.16-320-05, a subdivision located north of E. Truman Road, between S. Fisher Road and the Little Blue River to eliminate an unnecessary alley, and repealing Ordinance 18701 which approved the original plat.  


The original final plat for the New Town at Harmony, Plat One was approved by the City Council on December 19, 2016; however the plat has not yet been recorded. Since that time, the developer decided that a short alley extending between Lots 316 and 317 on the east side of the subdivision was unnecessary and interrupted the aesthetic flow of houses along this section of the street. As there are four exits from the alley system in this block, traffic flow in the alleys and adjacent street are not adversely affected.  The land area that comprised the 15 foot wide alley was absorbed into the adjoining Lots 316 and 317.

Other than the elimination of this short alley, there are no other changes to the document.

As the plat had not yet been recorded and this was only a minor change it was decided that re-approval by the City Council was sufficient and reconsideration by the Planning Commission was not necessary.

No department, including the City Fire Department, had any objection to the elimination of the alley.

A copy of a letter from the applicant’s surveyor, a drawing illustrating the subject alley’s location, and a revised final plat is attached. 

Emergency Justification:

Council mandates that all final plats are to be emergency ordinances to expedite the development process.

Department:          Community DevelopmentContact Person:          Tom Scannell

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