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City of Independence
BILL NO. 17-0271st R.

Agenda Title:

17-027 - 1R. An ordinance amending Chapter 3, Article 1 “Administrative Requirements for Control of Animals and Fowl", of the Independence City Code.

It is the recommendation of the Health Department that this ordinance be approved.
Executive Summary:

This ordinance amends Chapter 3 Article 1 of the City Code to provide clarification, eliminate redundancies, and allow for shelter operations to be administered by an entity other than the City. Article 1 also includes new definitions for terms used throughout Chapter 3. One section on agricultural areas has been removed from Article 1 and relocated to Article 2 because it is related to regulatory requirements, not administrative requirements like the rest of Article 1.

On March 6, 2017, the Mayor and the City Council returned the proposed revisions to Chapter 3 to staff and requested that it be brought back in sections. Changes were made to update the Code to recognized best practices for animal welfare and to reflect current processes.

Department:          HealthContact Person:          Christina Heinen

Health DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Law DepartmentApproved
City Managers OfficeApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved

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Chapter 3 Article 1 RevisionsOrdinance