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City of Independence
BILL NO. 17-010Ord.No:          18710

Agenda Title:

17-010 - 2R. An ordinance authorizing a change to the amount of consumption a residential sewer customer is billed for, when no history is available for that customer, to a set 6 ccf (hundred cubic feet) per month.

It is the recommendation of the Water Pollution Control, Water and Technology Services Departments that the proposed ordinance be approved. 

Executive Summary:

This ordinance would allow a change to the method of billing brand new residential sanitary sewer customers.  This would relate only to customers with no water usage history in the City of Independence.  It would charge the customer based on 6 ccf of water usage until they have established history with the City.


The Water Pollution Control Department has historically used a “city-wide average” calculation to determine consumption charges for new residential sewer bills for customers without historical usages available.  The average is calculated using residential water consumption of all such customers with the exception of those having no usage or usage greater than 100 ccf (hundred cubic feet) in a one-month period.  The amount changes every year, causing confusion for customers, and making it more difficult to do comparisons from year to year as well as revenue projections.

Due to the complexity of building this logic into the new utility billing system, and after discussing common billing practices with surrounding jurisdictions, the Water Pollution Control Department would like to change this practice to use a set 6 ccf (hundred cubic feet) for any residential customer without usage history.  Based on our discussions, this would be lower than surrounding areas, and more truly capture the average usage of our residential customers. 

Fiscal Impact:

This ordinance would have minimal fiscal impact, but would reduce programming costs in the new Utility Billing System.  Technology Services estimates it would save approximately 80 hours of consultant time for programming changes.

Department:          Water Pollution ControlContact Person:          Denise Messina

City Clerk DepartmentApproved

Council Action:          Council Action:          Accepted