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City of Independence
BILL NO. 17-004Ord.No:          18706

Agenda Title:

17-004 - 2R. An ordinance vacating all that portion of a platted utility easement located entirely within Lot 2 Jackson Business Park, a subdivision in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.

It is the recommendation of the Public Works Department that this ordinance be approved.
Executive Summary:

There is a development plan awaiting building permits for the Jackson Business Park subdivision, but the current alignment of the platted easement will not allow for the sanitary sewer line to be installed properly.  The owner is willing to dedicate a new easement to the City, but requested a vacation of the existing easement first.

The owner of the property contacted the City about a future development for the property and requested the City review the easement for a proposed sanitary sewer line extension. The City reviewed the easement and found that it would not be sufficient to service the new development in its current location.  The owner then worked with the City to determine a better alignment for the easement and now wishes to vacate the existing easement.


A new easement will be dedicated upon approval of this vacation and prior to acceptance by the City. Staff is confident that the owner will proceed to dedicate the new easement as proposed because otherwise he will not be able to obtain a building permit for the project. 

Fiscal Impact:

There is no fiscal impact associated with the approval of this ordinance.

Department:          Public WorksContact Person:          Tim Gramling

City Clerk DepartmentApproved

Council Action:          Council Action:          Accepted

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