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BILL NO. 19-809Res.No:          6494

Agenda Title:

19-809 - A resolution approving a preliminary plat of Grace Subdivision, located south of Valley View Parkway and east of the Little Blue Parkway in Independence, Missouri.

Commissioner Preston made a motion to recommend approval of Grace Subdivision with the conditions listed below:

1.      Independence Power and Light states it will need easements but they will be described after conduit installation and granted on a separate document.

2.      Provide a northbound left turn lane to Valley View Road instead of the proposed yellow hatch area at the connection with Valley View Parkway improvements

3.      Provide better directionality to the roundabout entrance from Valley View Parkway and from the south lot (near the proposed clubhouse) – does not appear to follow the same design characteristics as the approach on the proposed E. 45th Street.

4.      Public Works will need to approve public improvement plans for the water mains, sewers and roadways prior to approving the final plat. 

5.      The sanitary sewer looks like it could be simplified. The sanitary sewer easement is difficult to follow.

6.      No direct access onto Little Blue Parkway will permitted from Lots 1 and 2.

A second to the motion was made by Commissioner Wiley. The City Planning Commission voted as follows:

Commissioner Wiley



Commissioner Preston



Commissioner Ferguson



Commissioner Ashbaugh



Commissioner McClain



Commissioner Goldesberry







The motion passed with a recommendation for approval to be forwarded to the City Council for consideration.  Staff recommends approval.

Executive Summary:

Grace Holdings Independence, LLC (hereafter ‘Grace Holdings’) seeks approval of a six lot commercial subdivision south of Valley View Parkway, west of Little Blue Parkway to construct an apartment complex, a medical office, and four pad sites for restaurants, office, and retail uses.


PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  Grace Holdings Independence, LLC (hereafter ‘Grace’) seeks approval of a six lot commercial subdivision south of Valley View Parkway, west of Little Blue Parkway.

Current Zoning:

C-2, a portion of the property sought to be rezoned by separate action to O-1



Current Use:











This entire 27+ acre tract was rezoned to C-2 in 2005 as part of the Trinity Woods project that encompassed multiple acres on the southeast quadrant of Interstate 70 and Little Blue Parkway.  Projects constructed as part of this development include the Corner Café, Drury Inn, Children’s Mercy East, Cedarhurst Senior Living.  Since the project was approved, all of the development has occurred north of Valley View Parkway and the land south of Valley View has remained vacant. 


Grace Holdings seeks to subdivide this property into six lots ranging in size from 0.83 acres (Lot 3) to 15.20 (Lot 6).  Lots 1 – 4 are pad sites intended for small commercial use such as restaurants, offices and small retail businesses. Although all four of the lots have frontage onto Little Blue Parkway and/or Valley View Parkway, access to these roadways will be restricted.  Internal streets are proposed to provide access to all of the lots.  Grace Road intersects with Valley View Parkway across from 42nd Street while 45th Street will connect Grace Road to Heartland Avenue.  Lot 6 is the largest lot and will feature a 240 unit multifamily complex and related amenities. 


A rezoning application has also been submitted and is being review concurrently with the preliminary plat application.  The rezoning application seeks to rezone the south 15+ acres to O-1 for a multifamily complex while the remaining property will remain zoned C-2.



Historic and Archeological Sites:

There are no apparent historic/archeological issues with this property.


Public Improvements/Utilities:  

Water - The Water Department indicates there’s adequate supply for the planned project as water mains exist along all three streets, encircling this site.  Water mains will also be looped through the interior of the project with fire hydrants installed.

Sanitary sewer – Sewer service drains from the western part of the site to the northeast connecting to the existing system on the north side of Valley View Parkway; available capacity exists to manage the additional flow produced by this development.


Stormwater management – Preliminary plans for stormwater management includes the use of number of low areas and basins.  As the project is within 1,200 feet of the Little Blue River, the developer will exercise the stormwater buyout option reducing the amount of detention needed on the site.  One hundred year floodplain is shown on the east side of Lots 5 and 6; the extreme southeast corner of Lot 6 also contains a small area of a 4th Order Stream.  The site will be raised to be out of the floodplain; the developer is working with the Public Works Department to address the stream order issue. 



Internal: The internal streets – Grace Road and 45th Street – on the preliminary plat will provide access to the surrounding street network. The proposed internal street extends south from Valley View Parkway about 200 feet to a roundabout before turning southwesterly and connecting to Heartland Avenue.  This internal street will provide the primary and only acces, to lots in the project.


External: Multiple improvements will be made to the surround streets including: 1) the completion of the Valley View Parkway connection to Valley View Road; 2) the widening of Valley View Road; 3) the realignment of the existing Valley View Parkway/ Valley View Road intersection into a safer, ‘T’ intersection; and the widening of Heartland Avenue.  All of these street improvements will include sidewalks.


Attached to this report is the Executive Summary section from the traffic impact study (TIS) recently submitted by the developer.  The City Traffic Engineer specified conditions 2 and 3 above to be included with future design plans.  There may be other items in the TIS that need further clarification or resolution.


Review Criteria

Recommendations and decisions on preliminary plats must be based on consideration of all of the following criteria:


1.      Compliance with environmental and health laws and regulations concerning water and air pollution, solid waste disposal, water supply facilities, community or public sewer disposal, and, where applicable, individual systems of sewage disposal.

According to review comments, this project will be in compliance with, or provide improvements to be in compliance with, all of these issues.  


2.      Availibility of water that meets applicable fire flow requirements and is sufficient for the reasonably forseeable needs of the subdivision.

Existing water mains encircle the site and will be extended through the property at the time of development.  The Water Department states there is adequate capacity to provide service and fire protection for the project.  


3.      Availibility and accessibility of utilities.

Sanitary sewers are available in the area and will be externded to serve the site.  Some stormwater facilities will be provided on the site with the developer utilizing the City’s buy-out progrsam for the remainder.


4.      Availibility and accessibility of public services such as schools, police and fire protection, transportation, recreation facilites and parks.

The City Parks and Recreation Department had no comment on this project.  The developer has been in contact with the Blue Springs School District regarding the project’s multi-family aspect and will report on that issue at the Planning Commission meeting.


5.      Consistency with the zoning district regulations.

It appears the preliminary plat has, or will meet, City Code development standards.


6.      Conformity with the Major Thoroughfare Plan.

Abutting the west side of the site is Little Blue Parkway, which is a completed thoroughfare street.  Valley View Parkway east of Little Blue Parkway is designated as a Minor Arterial/Minor Arterial – Planned and is being completed in conjunction with this project.


7.      Effect of the proposed subdividision on existing public streets and the need for new streets or highways to serve the subdivision.

The developer will be completing Valley View Parkway and connecting it to Valley View Road; this proposed connection will improve the configuration.  Additionally, half-street improvements will be made to both Valley View Road and Heartland Drive.


8.      Physical land characteristics, such as floodplain, slope, soil, and elevation differentials with abutting properties.

This project is atypical in that it has no abutting properties, being entirely encircled by existing or proposed streets.  A small portion of the eastern portion of the property is located in the 100-year floodplain.  The site will be raised to be out of the floodplain and will be working with staff on the stream buffer item.


9.      Recommendations and comments of the Development Review Committee and/or other reviewing agencies.

None that have not not already been discussed above.


10.  Conformity with the Master Sewer and Water Utility Plan.

The water system improvements planned for the project meet the Water Department’s requirements.  Sanitary sewer plans will abide current development standards.


11.  Compliance with the development ordinance and all other applicable regulations. 

Provided that the conditions listed above will be addressed, it appears this preliminary plat can meet City Code requirements.


Draft Planning Commission Meeting Minutes:

"Stuart Borders stated there would be one presentation for the two cases on the agenda.  He noted they will be voted on separately.


Case #19-100-12 – Rezoning – Southeast corner, Little Blue Parkway and Valley View Parkway


Case #19-310-04 – Preliminary Plat – Grace Subdivision


Staff Presentation

Stuart Borders presented the case.  Mr. Borders presented the Commission with a vicinity map, noting the area and surrounding zoning.  He presented the Commission with an aerial map indicating the project area and explained the surrounding land uses.  Mr. Borders went over proposed conditions on the preliminary plat.


In response to Chairman Ashbaugh’s question, City Engineer Katie Horner stated the traffic engineer has spent a lot of time reviewing the traffic impact studies submitted by the applicant.  Ms. Horner explained instead of yellow striping at the intersection, there would be a left turn lane.  Ms. Horner explained where this intersection is located on the plat.


Chairman Ashbaugh asked what would determine if a light should need installed.  Ms. Horner stated there are national standards that determine when a traffic light is needed.  She stated the City will put in a light when certain conditions are met.  Ms. Horner stated they are comfortable with this project and there would not be a traffic signals at this time.


Applicant Comments

Douglas Stone, attorney with Lewis Rice, representing the applicant, stated he’s available for any questions.


Joshuah Barcus, Associate Engineer with Stock and Associates provided an updated plat with the proposed left turn lane that Ms. Horner outlined. 


In response to Chairman Ashbaugh’s question, Mr. Barcus explained where Valley View Parkway and Valley View Road intersect.  Mr. Barcus stated the existing island on Valley View Parkway would be finished and two lanes would continue to exist.  Mr. Barcus stated currently there is one left turn lane, one through lane and one right turn lane on Little Blue Parkway.


Mr. Stone presented an updated color plat and discussed where they have planned the apartment buildings, clubhouse, amphitheater and a dog park. 


Commissioner McClain asked if there are any plans for a bicycle trail.  Tim Reese, the Developer with Grace Holdings stated they have a trail planned in the center of the site and intend to have a pedestrian friendly community.


In response to Chairman Ashbaugh’s question, Mr. Reese stated the target rent is $1.50 per square foot, so a 1000 square-foot apartment would be $1,500 a month.  Mr. Reese stated his company has completed three projects in the St. Louis area.  He noted those projects were single building projects but will have similar amenities. 


Public Comments

            There were no public comments.



Commissioner Preston made a motion to approve Case #19-100-12 – Rezoning – Southeast corner, Little Blue Parkway and Valley View Parkway, as presented.  Commissioner Ferguson seconded the motion.  The motion passed with five affirmative votes.


Commissioner Preston made a motion to approve Case #19-310-04 – Preliminary Plat – Grace Subdivision, as presented with conditions.  Commissioner Wiley seconded the motion.  The motion passed with five affirmative votes."

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