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24 Highway Bridge Enhancement Payment Change with Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission.

Staff recommends the City Council authorize a payment of $114,310.28 to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission. Staff also recommends City Council authorize the City Manager to approve up to an additional 10% of the total project costs or $46,431 for potential change orders that could come up during construction.

Executive Summary:

This is a request for an increase to the amount approved in the agreement due to the actual design costs being $10,000 higher than the original estimate and the bids for construction being $104,310.28 higher than the estimated costs.


The City entered into an agreement on November 19, 2018 and subsequently a supplemental agreement on April 29, 2019 with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission to pay for the enhancements to the 24 Highway Bridge project. City Council approved a payment up to $350,000 for the enhancement portion of the project based on the estimated cost. The agreement stipulates that if the actual amounts are higher than the estimated amounts, the City, upon written notification from the Commission, shall remit a check for its share of the difference between the estimated amount and the actual amount. The actual design costs for the enhancements was $60,000. Also bids were received by MoDOT that included $404,310.28 for the construction of the enhancements. So the total the City is responsible to pay is $464,310.28 which is $114,310.28 more than what the City has previously paid. This action would also authorize the City Manager to approval change orders up to $46,431.

Fiscal Impact:

The additional amount will be funded from the unreserved fund balance of the Street Sales Tax.


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