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BILL NO. 19-758Res.No:          6450

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19-758 - A resolution amending the Pay Plan for Non-Represented City Employees as enumerated herein on and after the 1st day of July 2019; adding Director of Animal Services (E3); adding Shelter Veterinarian (Lvl 10); adding Volunteer & Events Coordinator (Lvl 8); adding Veterinarian Technician (Lvl 5); adding Shelter Veterinarian/Clinic Supervisor (Lvl 11); adding Behavior Enrichment Specialist & Rescue Coordinator (Lvl 7); adding Animal Care Manager (Lvl 11); adding Admissions & Adoptions Counselor (Lvl 3); removing Director of Human Resources (E3); removing Director of Information Technology (E3); removing Assistant City Counselor I (Lvl 11); removing Deputy City Counselor (Lvl 16); removing Legal Assistant (Lvl 8); removing Worker’s Compensation Coordinator (Lvl 10).

The following adjustments are recommended to the Pay Plan:

1.       Director of Animal Services (E3) – New Position Added

2.       Shelter Veterinarian (Level 10) – New Part-time Position Added

3.       Volunteer & Events Coordinator (Level 8) – New Position Added

4.       Veterinarian Technician (Level 5) – New Position Added

5.       Shelter Veterinarian/Clinic Supervisor (Level 11) – New Position Added

6.       Behavior Enrichment Specialist & Rescue Coordinator (Level 7) – New Position Added

7.       Animal Care Manager (Level 11) – New Position Added

8.       Admissions & Adoptions Counselor (Level 3) – New Position Added


Staff recommends adding the above positions to the pay plan to staff the animal shelter pursuant to the agreement for operation of the animal shelter with Jackson County.


9.       Director of Human Resources (E3) – Position Removed

10.   Director of Information Technology (E3) – Position Removed

11.   Assistant City Counselor I (Level 11) – Position Removed

12.   Deputy City Counselor (Level 16) – Position Removed

13.   Legal Assistant (Level 8) – Position Removed

14.   Worker’s Compensation Coordinator (Level 10) – Position Removed


Staff recommends removing the above vacant position from the pay plan.


HR has received recommendations regarding changes to the adopted Pay Plan.  Future recommended changes will be taken to Council on a quarterly basis.

Department:          Human ResourcesContact Person:          Melissa Balino

City Managers OfficeApproved
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