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City of Independence

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Direction on Boundary Adjustment between Independence and Sugar Creek in the area of US 24 Hwy and Crysler Avenue.

Executive Summary:

The current Independence boundary in the area north of US 24 Hwy and Crysler Avenue was established in 1948.  This annexation established the City Limits 200 feet north and west of the section lines which has resulted in property being located in two jurisdictions.  Staff seeks direction on whether to work with Sugar Creek on this boundary adjustment.


In 1904, the plat of McCormick was recorded at Jackson County.  This plat, bounded by US 24 Hwy on the south, Kentucky Avenue on the north, Forest on the west, and Crysler on the east, created 480 lots and associated streets that continue to exist today.  At the time this plat was recorded, it was not located in any municipal jurisdiction.


In 1948, the City annexed approximately 7 square miles north and west of the previous city limits and established a boundary 200 north of US 24 Hwy and approximately 200 feet west of the section line.  This boundary currently exists today.  The result of this established boundary is that it bisects several properties creating a situation where one property owner has one property that is located in two jurisdictions. 


There has been interest expressed about making a boundary adjustment in this area.  Missouri State Statutes allow for concurrent detachment and annexation by abutting municipalities.  The governing bodies of each municipality would need to pass an ordinance describing by metes and bounds the property, declaring the property so described to be concurrently detached and annexed, and stating the reasons for and the purposes to be accomplished by the detachment and annexation.  If approved by both municipalities, the ordinance would be recorded at Jackson County.


Staff’s preferred option is to move the Independence boundary 200 feet to the east to the section line and for the properties along US 24 Hwy to move the boundary to follow right-of-way and property lines.  This option places entire properties in one jurisdiction and removes the bisecting situation.


Staff seeks direction on whether to work with Sugar Creek on this boundary adjustment.

Department:          Community DevelopmentContact Person:          Tom Scannell

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