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A request for Council approval on the application of Lies Trash Service for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity as a refuse and trash collector.

This application meets the standards for issuance of a certificate outlined in Section 19.05.007 of the City Code.
Executive Summary:

Lies Trash Service has submitted an application requesting City Council approval to provide refuse and trash collection services within the City. Lies is a Blue Springs based Trash Service. If approved the number of licensed trash/refuse haulers in the City will increase from seven to eight. 

Section 19.05.007 of the Code states that the Council shall consider said application and shall issue a license here-under when it finds that the public convenience and necessity require the proposed refuse collection service for which application has been submitted. In determining whether public convenience and necessity require the licensing of a proposed refuse collection service, the Council shall consider:


1.   Whether the public is, at the time, adequately served;

2.   The number, kind, and type of equipment;

3.   The schedule of rates proposed to be charged;

4.   Whether the safe and sanitary use of the streets by the public, both vehicular and pedestrian, will be preserved; and

5.   Other facts as the Council shall consider relevant.


In addition the Council may consider:

1.   That insurance policies as required by City ordinances have been procured.

2.   That the applicant is a fit and proper person to conduct or work in the proposed business.

3.   That all the requirements of this Article and all other ordinances and laws have been complied with by the applicant.

4.   Whether there is more than one collection vehicle for each 1500 residential customers, other than standby units or commercial and industrial units. This factor is merely an indicator of what has been determined to be adequate minimum service. It is a guide and not an absolute limitation. 


The applicant plans to utilize two trash/refuse collection trucks in Independence. The application included a certificate of insurance and copies of current state motor vehicle registration forms as required by the Code.  The application included a certificate of insurance and copies of current state motor vehicle registration forms as required by the Code. The proposed rate schedule for residential service will be $51 per quarter for trash, $21 per quarter for yard waste, or $17 per quarter for recycling. The background investigation conducted by the Independence Police Department revealed the corporate officers meet the requirements of the Code. 

The City currently has seven licensed trash/refuse haulers that provide weekly trash collection with 96 trash/refuse collection trucks licensed among these businesses. With approximately 53,834 households in the City, as reported in the 2010 Census, the current ratio of trash/refuse collection trucks to households is 1 to 561. If this application is approved, the number of trash/refuse collection trucks licensed would be 98, and the ratio of trash/refuse collection trucks to households would become 1 to 549.

Based upon the Code’s reference to an indicator of adequate minimum service, the current number of licensed trash/refuse collection trucks exceeds the City’s minimum service standard by over 2.6 times. The guidelines seem to indicate there is not a sufficient need for another trash/refuse hauler in the City. The applicant otherwise meets the Code requirements.

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