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BILL NO. 19-738Res.No:          6433

Agenda Title:

19-738 - A resolution approving a preliminary plat of Meadowbrook Estates, Lots 54-127 and tracts I, J, and K, located southeast of Eureka and R. D. Mize Roads, in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.

Commissioner Preston made a motion to recommend approval of Meadowbrook Estates, Lots 54 – 127 and Tracts I – K with the conditions listed below:

1.                   Contact City staff for proper lot addresses and street names.

2.                   No street access onto Eureka Road will be permitted for Lots 97 and 98. When the phase is platted containing these lots, a note should be added to that final plat.

3.                   The existing/proposed water main must be shown on R. D. Mize Road.  Show the correct right-of-way of R. D. Mize Road at Eureka Road.

4.                   Call out the existing water main easement document numbers on the north side of Lots 97 and 98.

5.                   Install a new water main/easement along the north side of Lot 70 connecting into the existing main and on the north side of Lot 55, and water main/easement between Lots 97 and 98.

6.                   Install a new water main on the east side of R. D. Mize Road from the existing main under Street-1 to the southerly line of Lot 54.

7.                   The developer must enter into a development agreement with the City to reconstruct R. D. Mize Road; such agreement will be approved by the City Council in concurrence with the next final plat for this subdivision.

A second to the motion was made by Commissioner Goldesberry. The City Planning Commission voted as follows:

Commissioner Wiley



Commissioner Preston



Commissioner Ferguson



Commissioner Ashbaugh



Commissioner McClain



Commissioner Goldesberry







The motion passed with a recommendation for approval to be forwarded to the City Council for consideration.  Staff recommends approval.

Executive Summary:

Rock Bluff Development, LLC requests preliminary plat approval of Meadowbrook Estates, Lots 54-127, and Tracts I - K, southeast of Eureka and R. D. Mize Roads.  Phases 2 through 4 consist of 74 lots and three common tracts, with Tract I employed as the subdivision’s swimming pool/recreation area.  Save for three lots which front onto Eureka Road, all lots will be accessed by new internal streets constructed with the project.  The minimum lot size is 10,000 SF with a minimum lot width of 75 feet at the building line.


Like many projects that launched before the recession struck 10 years ago, this Meadowbrook Estates project stalled after the first phase and fell into receivership.  The current owner now seeks preliminary plat approval to complete the project. 

While similar to the preliminary plat design approved in 2002, the most significant changes between the two designs include: the number of lots increased from 108 to 127 albeit slightly smaller lots; and, the S. Meadow Avenue connection with Eureka Road was eliminated, being converted into a cul-de-sac; and, three lots now front onto Eureka Road instead of all the lots being accessed internal to the project.

In conjunction with Phase 1, two basins (Tracts A and B) were designed and constructed to detain stormwater for the all phases of the project.  Underground storm sewers will be extended to serve the new phases of the development.

Additional right-of-way was dedicated with the first plat on the north side of R. D. Mize to realign the curve radius, eliminating the slight kink in the existing alignment.  Generally, plans call for the developer to construct the middle part of the street alignment with the City completing the end segments through the use of license surcharge funds.  The developer and the City are entering into a development agreement for the roadway improvements to R. D. Mize Road; such agreement will be approved by the City Council in concurrence with the next final plat.  Sidewalks will be constructed throughout the subdivision as required by City Code.  Additional right-of-way is being dedicated along Eureka Road. 

Water and sanitary sewers are available in the existing subdivision and will be extended to service the proposed phases with additional fire hydrants will be added as necessary. 


Draft Planning Commission minutes:


1.       Case #19-320-01 – Final Plat - Voorheis Vale PUD 16th Plat


2.       Case #19-310-01 – Preliminary Plat – Meadowbrook Estates Lots 54-128, Tracts I – K



Commissioner Preston made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda- Case #19-320-01 – Final Plat - Voorheis Vale PUD 16th Plat and Case #19-310-01 – Preliminary Plat – Meadowbrook Estates Lots 54-128, Tracts I - K.  Commissioner Goldesberry seconded the motion.  The motion passed with four affirmative votes."

Department:          Community DevelopmentContact Person:          Tom Scannell

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