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BILL NO. 19-716Res.No:          6413

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19-716 - A resolution amending the Administrative Travel Policy to include provisions related to the review and notification of overnight travel for the Mayor and City Council.

This resolution has been added at the request of the Audit and Finance Committee.
Executive Summary:

This resolution amends the administrative travel policy to include provisions outlining the future review of City Council and Mayoral overnight travel expenses.

In November 2018, the Audit and Finance Committee met to hear the final report of the Management Analyst regarding City Council’s travel expenses and related policies.  At that quarterly meeting, the members of that committee voted unanimously to bring forward a resolution implementing changes to the City's Travel Policy.  In February 2019, the committee met at a special meeting to consider concerns that were raised at the City Council meeting.  The attached resolution was ultimately agreed to and would require future travel of the City Council to be paid for out of their approved annual travel funds, travel by the City Council would be noticed as an informational items at city council meetings, and upon return the traveler is expected to offer some type of report, either verbal or in writing, as to the key findings and productivity of the associated travel.      

Department:          City CouncilContact Person:          Jordan Ellena

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City Clerk DepartmentApproved
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