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BILL NO. 19-0131st R

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19-013 - 1R. An ordinance amending City of Independence Power & Light Department schedules of electric rates to include an electric vehicle charging rate schedule (EV-1) beginning March 1, 2019, under which electric utility service shall be furnished to all customers of Independence Power & Light at its public charging stations.

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Executive Summary:

This Ordinance would establish a rate for charging electric vehicles at City-owned public electric vehicle charging stations.

In recent years, electric utilities have been installing public charging stations to serve the growing number of motorists driving electric vehicles.  In most cases, this service was provided initially as a free service as a means to promote and support the use of electric vehicles.  Eventually, however, these charging stations are converted to a pay-for-service model requiring users to pay for charging their vehicles.  The Independence Power & Light Department currently has two dual-port chargers in service, with more on the way.  The chargers in service now are located Downtown and at the Independence Utility Center.  This ordinance will add an electric vehicle charging rate for City-owned public electric vehicle charging to the City Electric Rate Schedule.   

Department:          City Manager's OfficeContact Person:          Mark Randall

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