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Employee Engagement Committee Presentation
Executive Summary:

The Employee Engagement Committee will update the City Council on the events and projects worked on during its first year.

In January of 2018, the Employee Engagement Committee was created in response to results of the first annual employee engagement survey. The purpose of this committee is to "seek positive solutions to build a more engaged workforce at the City of Independence and enhance relationship-building and communication between co-workers and departments."


The committee is responsible for administering the annual employee engagement survey, serves as the lead planning group on employee engagement activities and events, and solicits ideas and feedback from employees on how to increase engagement and satisfaction.


The committee is made up of 10 members spanning many various departments. The members of the 2018 committee were:


Emily Brazeal- IPL (Chair)

Tamara Sule- Water

Josh Eis- WPC

Cathy Cain- Finance & Administration

Carrie Battles- PRT (Tourism)

Eric Fitch- Community Development

Scott Green- Public Works

Billy Pope- Police

Jason Blystone- Fire

Katrina Sanders- Finance & Administration



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