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City Council action is requested to affirm the recommendation of the Justice Center selection committee to partner with the team led by JE Dunn Development for services related to the development of a Justice Center.  

Staff recommends approval
Executive Summary:

Action is requested to affirm staff's recommendation to partner with the team led by JE Dunn Development for services related to the development of a Justice Center.  

Independence for All includes several initiatives relevant to this project:

  • Evaluate space and maintenance needs for city buildings and determine long-term strategies for needed improvements. 
  • Identify strategies to improve and expand resources

In 2017, the City engaged Hoefer Wysocki Architecture to evaluate future police and municipal court growth and space needs and develop the Independence Police Master Plan.

In order to address funding and resource needs to implement the Master Plan, city staff evaluated several options to finance and execute the Plan. In May 2018, the recommendations were presented to the Council, these included:

·         Create a phased approached to financing and construction to accommodate current and future space needs and resources.

·         Evaluate the formation of a CID or other options to finance the project.

·         Streamline the process and leverage the expertise and flexibility of the private sector by issuing a RFP to partner with a team of professionals experienced in providing fully integrated project development, financing, and construction services. 

Following the May presentation and recommendations, the City Council directed staff to advance the concept beginning with the issuance of a RFP. The RFP was issued in August 2018 and the City received responses from five teams. A selection team selected the three top responses for interviews; one firm (MAg Partners) withdrew from consideration prior to the interview.  

Based upon the City’s project needs, selection criteria, interviews, and the depth of expertise of the team, staff recommends the team led by JE Dunn Development.  In addition to the JE Dunn team, the city will be supported throughout the project by Springsted—the City’s financial advisor—and Gilmore Bell.   

Upon approval, staff and the project team will negotiate the final terms of a predevelopment agreement that will define the scope and deliverables for this initial phase. Deliverables will include:

·         Development of a preliminary budget.

·         Produce a preliminary financing feasibility study to be reviewed by the City’s Financial Advisor and Bond Counsel. The Study will include a preliminary marketing plan and an outline of the CID process.

·         Evaluate repurposing of any potential available space at existing Police facility.

·         Create a preliminary project schedule

·         The final deliverable will be a recommendation on financing, including the feasibility of establishing a CID, project budget, and recommended project delivery method. 

Throughout the project, the City will work with its financial advisors and bond counsel to determine the best financing strategies for the project, which may include a public-private financial partnership with the development team.

The City Council, after receiving the report from the first phase, will consider a contract with JE Dunn to partner with the City for the purpose of creating a CID. If approval of a CID is successful, the Council would then consider a Design/Construction Contract to execute the project.    

Approval of staff’s recommendation is limited to formally recognizing the partnership between the City and JE Dunn team. The next step would be to negotiate the final terms of the pre-development agreement and then work towards Phase I deliverables, each of which will be presented to the City Council at key decision points. 


Department:          City Manager's OfficeContact Person:          Adam Norris

City Managers OfficeApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Law DepartmentApproved
City Managers OfficeApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved

Council Action:          Council Action:          Accepted

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