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Presentation of the final report of the Downtown Redevelopment Coordinating Committee.
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On September 5th, 2017, the City Council approved Resolution 6251, creating the Downtown Redevelopment Coordinating Committee (DRCC).  The DRCC is to have completed its work by September 30th, 2018.  This presentation will inform the City Council of the final findings and recommendations of the DRCC.

On September 5th, 2017, the City Council approved Resolution 6251, creating the Downtown Redevelopment Coordinating Committee (DRCC). The DRCC is a direct response to the Independence for All goal of Quality, specifically addressing the strategy of "evaluate and prioritize recommendations of current corridor plans".  Among the many responsibilities of the DRCC per Resolution 6251 is to "advise and make recommendations to the City Council regarding prioritization and funding options for proposed improvements" and advise and make recommendations to the City Council for other actions necessary to preserve and enhance downtown Independence".


In response to these directives, the DRCC-comprised of ten members of the Independence community-have spent the past year evaluating and assessing the components of 16 different development plans that fall within the geographic area of Noland Road to the east, Lexington Avenue/Pacific Avenue to the south, Winner Road to the south and west, and US 24 Highway to the north.  Additionally, the committee engaged in site visits to three other communities who have successfully implemented downtown redevelopment plans.


Once the DRCC had completed its review of these plans, the committee developed a rigorous set of evaluation criteria to develop its final recommendations.  Moreover, the committee has identified a diverse set of funding strategies to implement these recommendations, the majority of which will come from state and federal grants along with incentive district financing.


Over the course of the past month, the draft of this plan has been shared with multiple community groups and civic partners in order to further refine the plan recommendations.


At the October 8th, 2018 Study Session, representatives from CFS Engineers will review the draft recommendations with the City Council.  Following this presentation, it is staff's intention to prepare a resolution for City Council consideration on October 15th to formally adopt the report of the DRCC.  This report will then serve as the master development plan for downtown Independence over the course of the next 10-15 years.

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