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City of Independence
Postponed to 12/3/18 Council Meeting

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Council action is requested to issue a purchase order to GE International Inc., in the amount of $1,673,915.49 for a Major Inspection of the H-6 Combustion Turbine for the Power & Light Department. [Postponed from August 6 Council Meeting.]

Council action to issue a purchase order.

Major inspection and required consumable items for H-6 combustion turbine. Inspections of the combustion turbines are performed periodically to assess the condition of the unit to meet the load demand. Identification and repair of problem areas are essential to maintain unit availability and reduce ongoing maintenance. The purpose of the major inspection is to examine all of the internal rotating and stationary components from the inlet of the turbine through the exhaust.
The major inspection was performed in 1998. The unit has operated frequently due to demand by the Southwest Power Pool Integrated Market.

The requested major inspection, scheduled for March 2019, is required for continued safe and reliable operation of the unit. Inspection will be conducted by GE Power, the OEM. The consumable items are necessary components to perform the inspection. Any emergent findings requiring repair work will be addressed separately when determined. All Master Plan scenarios present include operation of H-6 through at least 2023.

Approval authorizes the Procurement Manager to issue change orders up to a total of ten (10) percent of the original authorized amount, providing that appropriations are available. The Power & Light Fund 2018-2019 Capital Budget Appropriations included $2,000,000 for this project.

Fiscal Impact:

Req. 20190431

Acct. 201802.5406.1714

Amount: $1,640,176.49

Fund:  IPL Capital Projects

Department:          Power & LightContact Person:          Mark Randall

City Clerk DepartmentApproved

Council Action:          Council Action:          Accepted

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