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City of Independence
BILL NO. 18-776Res.No:          6354

Agenda Title:

18-776 - A resolution allocating $46,398.00 of Council Goals Funds for professional services related to Independence revitalization outreach and marketing as recommended by the Downtown Redevelopment Coordinating Committee.

Staff recommends approval of the resolution. 
Executive Summary:

The Downtown Redevelopment Coordinating Committee (DRCC) completed its work and has a draft report ready to present to City Council by the September 2018 deadline. However, at its final meeting, the Committee determined that it would be advisable to perform public engagement to gather input and gauge if there is broader community support for the recommendations. Adjustments could be made based on community input before the report is finalized and presented to City Council for adoption. The DRCC recommends extending the professional services partnership with the CFS Engineers team to handle the public outreach. 

On September 5, 2017, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 6251 to create the Downtown Redevelopment Coordinating Committee. The 10-member citizen committee is chaired by Councilman Curt Dougherty. 


The purpose of the committee is to advance neighborhood stabilization and economic development in downtown Independence, which is bounded by Noland Road to the east, Lexington Avenue/Pacific Avenue to the south, Winner Road to the south and west; and US 24 Highway to the north, and adjacent properties, specifically including the neighborhood and business districts of Englewood, Fairmount, Maywood, and the Independence Square. 


The committee has reviewed adopted plans and conducted site visits to Gladstone, Lenexa and Lee's Summit to learn about downtown redevelopment efforts in peer communities. The committee conducted an extensive process to establish project priorities and a plan of financing for implementation. The work is summarized in a draft report that was anticipated to be presented to Council in September 2018.


At the last meeting of the DRCC, consensus was reached to pursue a public outreach strategy before making a formal recommendation to the City Council. The draft report includes an plan to implement almost $200 million of improvements over multiple phases with an elaborate plan of financing that involves numerous revenue sources. The DRCC recommends gathering public input to determine the level of community support to pursue an ambitious agenda for transformative redevelopment in downtown Independence. The input gathered could inform the committee's work and lead to adjustments prior to formal adoption by the City Council. 

Fiscal Impact:

As of July 1, 2018, $100,000 was available in Council Goals funds from the current budget. Funding from all prior years was expended. If this request is approved, the remaining balance of $53,602 would be available for other needs throughout the year.

Department:          City Manager's OfficeContact Person:          Lauren Palmer

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