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City of Independence

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Pioneer Spring Cabin Relocation
Executive Summary:

On May 21, 2018, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 6327 directing the City Manager to relocate the Pioneer Spring Cabin to a suitable historic location in Independence, MIssouri. Staff has evaluated options and needs additional direction from City Council regarding the costs and funding source(s) for any desired course of action. Parks, Recreation & Tourism Director Eric Urfer will make the presentation. 

Fiscal Impact:

Cost estimates for the proposed options are listed below and further described in the attached summary: 


1. Relocation and Restoration - $399,125

2. Storage with Future Relocation - $287,100

3. Partial Restoration in a National Frontier Trails Museum Display - $107,700

4. Demolition - $2,500 


The best source of funding for this project is the Tourism Fund, but limited dollars are available for capital improvements beyond routine maintenance. The Fund has a fund balance of $1.7 million budgeted in FY18-19, which exceeds the fund balance target of 16% of annual revenues. However, projected capital expenditures are expected to deplete this balance below the 16% target by FY25-26. In FY19-20, expenditures of $350,000 are planned for rehabilitation of historic sites and the build out of the second floor of the National Frontier Trails Museum. It is important to maintain a healthy reserve in this fund in order to address unexpected repairs due to the age and condition of historic sites. 

Department:          Parks, Recreation and TourismContact Person:          Eric Urfer

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