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City of Independence
BILL NO. 18-756Res.No:          6335

Agenda Title:

18-756 - A resolution adopting the 2018 Federal Legislative Policy. 

Staff recommends adoption of the resolution.
Executive Summary:

The resolution establishes the Council's priorities for federal legislative advocacy for the upcoming year.

The 2018 Federal Legislative Policy is a policy document that expresses the positions of the City on federal legislative and regulatory matters for the upcoming year. The policy outlines the top issues of importance to Independence. The following are the proposed top three priorities in the policy:


1. Protect funding for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG).

2. Support legislation to allow state and local governments to collect sales taxes on items purchased online by local residents.

3. Support an adequate and sustained funding solution for the nation's public infrastructure and transportation.


In addition to the top priorities, the document includes statements of policy in six categories: economic development; finance; parks and recreation; public safety; infrastructure; and other issues. The statements of policy are more general and are intended to give staff and elected officials basic direction to respond to federal issues that  come up during the year.

Fiscal Impact:

There is no fiscal impact associated with this action.

Department:          City Manager's OfficeContact Person:          Lauren Palmer

City Managers OfficeApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Law DepartmentApproved
City Managers OfficeApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved

Council Action:          Council Action:          Accepted

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