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BILL NO. 18-757Res.No:          6336

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18-757 - A resolution repealing and replacing the pay plan for non-represented city employees as of July 1, 2018. 

Staff recommends the attached Pay Plan for Non-Represented employees effective July 1, 2018.  The proposed Pay Plan has twenty pay grades, twelve sections, including section 2 which identifies all non-represented positions in the City.

Executive Summary:

In August 2017, the City entered into an Agreement with Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. (GBS) in the design and implementation of a salary administration program.  In developing the salary administration program, GBS stated three objectives were met:  internal equity, external competitiveness and ease of administration. City administration recommends the twenty pay grades and salary ranges based on the GBS study and further evaluation of future hiring needs and internal equity issues.

The City's Non Represented Pay Plan was most recently updated on April 16, 2018.  The current Pay Plan has twelve sections (see attached) and has 29 pay grades, which included twelve F grades (with higher "maximums").  There has not been a comprehensive Salary Administration/Pay Plan study conducted in about 20 years.

Fiscal Impact:

The projected cost of bringing into range those employees who are currently under the "minimum" salary of the new pay grades is approximately $93,000, including impact on employee benefits. This cost is incorporated in the proposed FY 2018-19 operating budget.  

Department:          Human ResourcesContact Person:          Debra Craig

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