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Former Allis Chalmers Site Blight Study

This presentation is for informational purposes only on the completed blight study.

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At the request of the City Council, a blight study was complete by Development Initiatives for the former Allis-Chalmers site.  Community Development Director Tom Scannell will provide an overview of the study.


The former Allis-Chalmers site at the southwest corner of Pacific Avenue and Pleasant Street has had some type of development or improvements since 1907 when the Danielsen Plow Company factory was built.  The site is approximately a half mile south and west of the Independence Square and sits in a largely residential area, with scattered commercial and institutional uses.


The factory continued to operate through the years until it was closed in 2000.  Since 2000, the site has been largely vacant with scattered small business and manufacturing uses.


Development Initiatives analyzed the site to determine if the area contains factors that support a finding that the area is blighted under Missouri State Statute.  The analysis includes a detailed field survey of site and building improvements.  Field surveys were also conducted to document the existing physical conditions.  Data for this analysis was also gathered from the City of Independence and Jackson County as well as pertinent Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data was obtained.  The analysis indicates that the site suffers from numerous unfavorable blighting factors and as a whole meets the definition of a blighted area as defined by Missouri State Statute.

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