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BILL NO. 18-041Ord.No:          18891

Agenda Title:

18-041 - 2R. An ordinance finding, determining and declaring the necessity of acquiring property located at 11008 E. Truman Road for the Truman Road and Harris Avenue Road Stabilization Project (No. 70571703); acknowledging receipt of the special warranty deed; and authorizing the City Manager to execute any documents related to the conveyance of the property. 

Staff recommends approval. 
Executive Summary:

The owner of the property addressed at 11008 E. Truman Rd. has executed a special warranty deed to convey the building and land to the City for $1.00 for the Truman & Harris Road Stabilization Project. 

The building located at 11008 E. Truman Rd. was inspected and declared dangerous due to structural degradation. The property has been undermined by substantial water erosion. The City pursued repair or demolition of the property through its regular dangerous building process. The owner indicated a lack of resources and willingness to implement the repairs due to cost. Demolition is complicated because the building and supporting retaining wall are shouldering portions of Truman Rd. The demolition needs to be carefully sequenced with the Truman & Harris Road Stabilization Project in order to ensure the integrity of Truman Rd.


The owner agreed to convey the property to the city at nominal cost ($1.00). This will allow the City to coordinate demolition with the larger road project and restore the property to maximize future development potential, if possible. Through this land conveyance, the City has the possibility to sell or redevelop the site once the building is demolished and the road repairs are implemented. If the City demolishes the building without implementing the repairs, it is likely that the property would eventually fall into the Jackson County Land Trust. This action is recommended to control and protect a high visibility commercial corridor property in accordance with the Independence for All Strategic Plan.

Fiscal Impact:

The owner will convey the property for $1.00. The Truman & Harris Road Stabilization Project is included in the recommended FY18-19 Budget for $250,000, which represents approximately half of the estimated project cost. Staff is working with the Missouri Department of Transportation on a cost share strategy due to the impact on Truman Rd. (Missouri Route 12).   

Department:          City Manager's OfficeContact Person:          Lauren Palmer

City Clerk DepartmentApproved

Council Action:          Council Action:          Accepted

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