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City of Independence
BILL NO. 18-745Res.No:          6326

Agenda Title:

18-745 - A resolution authorizing the City Manager to sign the petition to add property to the Noland Road Community Improvement District.

Staff recommends approval.

Executive Summary:

This resolution would authorize the City Manager to sign the petition to add City property to the Noland Road Community Improvement District (CID).  The District boundary generally encompasses properties along Noland Road from US 40 north to 23rd Street and also includes the Noland Road right-of-way north of 23rd Street to Truman Road.  The District seeks to add four City-owned property, a Land Trust of Jackson County property and two segments of right-of-way.


The Noland Road Community Improvement District was formed by approval of the Petition for Formation of the District through the adoption of Ordinance No. 18400 on December 15, 2014.  The District was created to provide reinvestment funds for the redevelopment and revitalization of Noland Road as a business, shopping, dining, office, hospitality destination.  The CID provides resources to encourage continued growth, improved aesthetics and quality redevelopment along Noland Road and wanted to provide a guide and level of expectation for future redevelopment and reinvestment. 

The City of Independence is the owner of property adjacent to the District along Noland Road, and the City seeks to have this property added to the District area in order to fund certain public improvements on such property using District revenues.  The City properties are located on the east side of Noland Road between Truman and Lexington and on the west side of Noland Road between Lexington and Kansas. 


This resolution would allow the City Manager to sign the Petition to add property to the District so that the Petition can be filed with the City Clerk and processed by City staff in accordance with the Missouri Community Improvement District Act.

Department:          Community DevelopmentContact Person:          Tom Scannell

Community Development DepartmentApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Law DepartmentApproved
City Managers OfficeApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved

Council Action:          Council Action:          Accepted

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