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Performance Measures Dashboard: 3rd Quarter Update
Executive Summary:

Kristen Ayers will present the 3rd quarter updates to the performance measures dashboard, highlighting areas of interest for gals that have been met, and those goals that the City is making progress toward.

The performance measures dashboard is built around the Independence for All Strategic Plan. There are specific measures for each of the four goals, and the purpose of these goals is to help us determine if the strategies we are using are helping us reach the objectives laid out in this plan.

Highlights from the 3rd quarter dashboard include:


  • All communication measures far exceeded their goals this quarter, as they have been all year. Facebook followers grew by 18%, Instagram by 34%, Twitter by 5.5%, and Nextdoor by 7.2%
  • The percentage of code enforcement cases inspected in 5 days or less was at 95% this quarter, which far exceeds the goal of 75%
  • The number of new jobs created in the community this quarter was 163, above the goal of 150
  • 3% of pothole service requests were completed by Public Works crews within 3 days, exceeding the goal of 75%

Making Progress:

  • The average answer time for calls to the Utility Customer Service Center continued to decrease this quarter down to 5 minutes and 40 seconds. While it did not reach the goal of 5 minutes, the time has decreased by almost 3 minutes since the 1st quarter
  • The police department's response times decreased by 23 seconds this quarter, helping get closer to the goal of 5 minutes


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