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Transit Stop Project Update

Staff seeks direction from the City Council to finalize bus stop locations for the project. 
Executive Summary:

Staff has completed the preliminary engineering work for the transit stop enhancements project.  Public Works Director Tim Gramling will provide the project update. Staff identified project needs based on actual conditions and has prepared a preliminary estimate. Based on this updated estimate the number of shelters that can be included in the project was determined along with recommended locations.  Proposed locations were identified that are cost effective from a construction standpoint and that could be constructed within existing right-of-way.. 

A federal grant of $150,000 was obtained to make improvements to 20 transit stops within the City. The City local match portion of the project is $37,000 which will come from CDBG funds. Since the initial introduction of this project at the September 11, 2017 Council Study Session, staff has further defined the improvements and completed preliminary engineering work necessary to verify the funding. Work is progressing on the project to complete the design and create the bid documents necessary to advertise the project for construction by late summer 2018. It was determined that available funding could support three locations having shelters. It was determined that it was not feasible to consider shelters at the remaining locations, either due to construction constraints or because right-of-way acquisition would be necessary. Additional stops may be installed on 40 Hwy and 24 Hwy as part of future grant-funded complete streets projects. 

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