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2018 Street Overlay Program

Staff requests input from City Council on the proposed streets scheduled for the 2018 Overlay Project.
Executive Summary:

In order to request input from the City Council, Public Works Director Tim Gramling is providing information for the 2018 Overlay Program. A map and an alphabetized list of locations for 28 miles of streets to be included in the program is provided.


The overlay program is the largest project done each year using funding provided by Street Sales Tax revenue. It is instrumental in accomplishing the Independence For All Strategic Plan Quality Goal.  The project engineering begins by utilizing the City’s Pavement Management System that identifies appropriate sections of street based on the condition. City staff then reviews each section in the field to gather information necessary to develop the bidding documents for the project to go out for competitive bids.  Prior to the project being bid out an estimate is made to verify that the project is expected to be done within the available funding. The project is also coordinated with all necessary utilities in order to avoid conflicts and minimize disruption where possible.


In order to secure the best costs for the program, it is essential to bid the project out as early in the year as possible. Our goal this year is to be ready to bid the project by the beginning of April.  The current project schedule for the 2018 Asphalt Overlay is:


     - Advertise the project for bid by April 4, 2018

     - Open bids on April 26, 2018

     - Submit a contract approval ordinance to the City Council on May 7, 2018

     - Start construction the last week of May 2018


Staff seeks direction from the Council to finalize or modify the proposed list of streets prior to advertising the project for bids. 

Department:          Public Works DepartmentContact Person:          Tim Gramling

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