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City of Independence
BILL NO. 18-0231st R

Agenda Title:

18-023 - 1R. An ordinance amending the Unified Development Ordinance, Chapter 14 of the Independence City Code, Section 12.01.010 of the Independence City Code, and Section 12.03.003 of the Independence City Code, which will incorporate the process for permitting of special events.

Staff recommends approval.
Executive Summary:

The City of Independence identified a need to create a special event permitting process.  This unified process will allow those holding a special event in Independence to complete a single application, which will be shared with all departments, instead of being sent to multiple departments for separate permit applications.


As part of the City's strategic plan Independence for All, the City of Independence has created the Special Event permitting application and rules to implement an improved process to better track and respond to citizen requests and attract and retain visitors to the City’s historic sites, amenities and events

In order to be consistent throughout the City Code, the process for permitting of Special Events is proposed to be removed from the Code and kept on file by the City Clerk and incorporated herein by reference. 

These changes include the following:

  • Changes to the Unified Development Ordinance Sections 14-201-01 and 14-708-01 of Chapter 14, which redefines a Special Event and incorporates the policy into Code by reference. 
  • Changes to Sections 12.01.010 of Chapter 12 related to noise permitting and requires the issuance of a Special Event Permit for the non-commercial use of sound amplifying equipment upon public streets.
  • Changes to Sections 12.03.003 of Chapter 12 related to the use of firearms and allows the discharge of firearms under limited conditions with the issuance of a Special Event Permit. 
Staff presented the initial draft of the policy to the Council at the January 22 study session.  During that session, the Council provided feedback to consider changes to the sections on the provision of barricades and block parties.  In response, staff has altered the application and rules to allow the rental of barricades and pick-up/drop-off from our Public Works Department.  Additionally, the application has been re-ordered to streamline the process for those holding block parties.

Fiscal Impact:

The new policy is estimated to increase revenue by approximately $400 per year.

Department:          City Manager's OfficeContact Person:          Christina Heinen

City Managers OfficeApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Law DepartmentApproved
City Managers OfficeApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved

Council Action:          Council Action:          Accepted

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