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Council action is requested to enter into a price agreement (300-18) with Right-of-Way Management Consultant Group (Skeens Consulting Services) for Land Acquisition Services Provider (LASP) services for one year with the possibility of two one-year extensions for the Public Works Department. 

Council action recommended to approve a price agreement.

Four proposals were received by the February 12, 2018 closing. Two respondents submitted fully responsive proposals: Orrick & Erskine, LLP and Right-of-Way Management Consultant Group (Skeens Consulting Services), and two respondents, Contract Land Staff, LLC and Bliss Associates were deemed non-responsive because they did not respond to the minimum requirements of the RFP.


The proposals were evaluated by a committee comprised of City staff.  The committee used the evaluation criteria included in the RFP to evaluate the proposals: 1) evidence of experience and references for similar projects, 2) detailed approach of processes, and 3) pricing.


Right-of-Way Management Consultant Group (Skeens Consulting Services) demonstrated superior experience, a detailed approach as to how they will provide the services required, and their price was the lowest among respondents. Staff recommends award to Right-of-Way Management Consultant Group (Skeens Consulting Services).  Expenditures will not exceed budgeted amounts.


Price agreements establish set prices that remain in effect for a designated period of time.  This allows City departments to utilize the agreements in the performance of their operations without requiring a bid process each time a service or commodity is required.


Department:          Public Works DepartmentContact Person:          Tim Gramling

Purchasing Division (Finance Department)Approved
Public Works DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Law DepartmentApproved
City Managers OfficeApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved

Council Action:          Council Action:          Accepted

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