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Performance Measures Dashboard: 2nd Quarter Update
Executive Summary:

Kristen Ayers will present the 2nd quarter updates to the performance measures dashboard, highlighting areas of interest for goals that have been met, goals that we are making progress toward, and goals that need improvement.

City Manager Zach Walker presented Council with the newly-remodeled performance dashboard at the annual Strategic Planning Session. The dashboard includes measures from almost all City departments, and are focused around the four goals of the Independence for All Strategic Plan.


Highlights from the 2nd quarter dashboard include:



  • Proactive code enforcement cases moved from yellow (making progress) to green (goal met) this quarter as 21% of cases were proactively started by a codes enforcement officer, compared to 7.5% last quarter
  • Pothole response times also went from yellow to green this quarter, as 78% of pothole service requests were completed in 3 days or less
  • Dangerous buildings measure continued to surpass the goal, as 8 buildings were demolished this quarter


Making Progress:

  • Average answer time for calls to the utility customer service center improved drastically from 8 minutes 31 seconds last quarter to 6 minutes 30 seconds this quarter
  • Animal services calls that were held over moved from red to yellow this quarter by decreasing the number of calls held over to the next day


Needs Improvement:

  • Police and fire response times stayed in the red category this quarter, as times did not make progress toward the goals


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