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Dangerous Building Program Update Presentation


This presentation is for information purposes only. 
Executive Summary:

Community Development Director Tom Scannell will provide an update on the removal and remediation of dangerous buildings.


The Independence For All has a goal to achieve livability, choice, access, health and safety through a quality built environment.  One of the objectives is to reduce blight in commercial corridors, entryways and neighborhoods.  Dangerous buildings have a blighting influence on our corridors, entryways and neighborhoods. 

Since July 1, 2017, staff has made the following enhancements to the dangerous building program:


  • Hired full time staff member to oversee the dangerous building program;
  • Revised procedures to improve customer service;
  • Created a Dangerous Building Review Committee to review all dangerous buildings and provide feedback;
  • Streamlined enforcement process to remove unnecessary steps; and
  • Streamlined the demo bidding process to use pre-qualified list of demo contractors.


These changes have resulted in an increase in resolution of dangerous building cases; 28 dangerous buildings were repaired by the owner, 5 dangerous building were demolished by the owner and 13 dangerous buildings were demolished by the City.  

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