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BILL NO. 18-0111st R

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18-011 - 1R. An ordinance authorizing a contract with the Wilson Group, Inc., for the National Frontier Trails Museum Elevator Project (No. 70571704) for an amount not to exceed $175,278.74; and authorizing the City Manager to approve minor change orders not to exceed $17,527.87 and/or time extensions; and making the necessary appropriations.

The Public Works Department recommends approval.

The National Frontier Trails Museum was constructed in 1989. Due to insufficient funds at the time, only an elevator shaft was constructed during the project, without the elevator being installed.

The City is in the process of acquiring ownership of the building and this project would be the first of several phases to improve the property according to the museum plan which was developed several years ago. This first phase plan calls for installation of an elevator which will allow space to be used on the second floor which is currently not able to be used due to access issues. Uses include staff offices, expanded artifact storage, and additional library and archives storage. This will free up space on the first floor for expanded public areas for programming and exhibits. Without the elevator, the second floor does not have ADA accessibility.

This project will provide for the installation of a new elevator at the Trails Museum, including structural bracing and shoring, installation of mini-split cooling system for the elevator room, fire sprinkler and alarm system, structural rails, beam, and steel appurtenances, roofing, rigging and hoist-way modifications, and electrical and plumbing work required for the project.

The project bid was solicited under a cooperative agreement. The Wilson Group has successfully completed other projects in the past and has a favorable track record with the City.

Approval is requested for a contract for the National Frontier Trails Museum Elevator Installation Project (No. 70571704).
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Fiscal Impact:

Funds will be appropriated by transferring $150,000.00 from Tourism account 6062-6406 and $42,806.61 from Tourism account 6061-5226 to the National Frontier Trails Museum Elevator Project (No. 70571704).

Department:          Public WorksContact Person:          Tim Gramling

Public Works DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Finance DepartmentApproved
Law DepartmentApproved
City Managers OfficeApproved
City Clerk DepartmentApproved

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