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City of Independence
BILL NO. 17-103Ord.No:          18804

Agenda Title:

17-103 - 2R. An ordinance appropriating $200,000 from the Unassigned Fund Balance of the General Fund; and authorizing a contract with Tyler Technologies for municipal court case management software system.

Council action to approve issuance of a contract.


The City of Independence has utilized a Municipal Court software system that is now over 40 years old. The system has limited functionality and has become antiquated.  The capabilities of the current system do not adequately support existing or changing business processes at the City.  These limitations have restricted opportunities to streamline and maximize efficiency.  Due to the aging infrastructure, the system is difficult to enhance in supporting the ever-changing compliance requirements.  Since the existing system is written in old technology that is no longer taught in schools and universities, there is concern on the ability to continue to support the system in the future.  Technology Services staff, who know the technology that the current system is written in, will soon be retiring putting the City at risk.  


The City is now seeking to replace the City’s existing legacy Municipal Court System with a solution built on industry state-of-the-art technologies which will provide a solution that will meet current business and future needs.  After a thorough evaluation, staff recommends replacing the existing system with Tyler Technologies’ Incode Municipal Court Software.


Incode is recommended as the provider of this system, due to their affiliation with New World Public Safety Solutions.  Tyler Technologies is the only provider that offers a system that has the existing capability of integrating with the New World Public Safety System currently utilized by the Independence Police and Fire Departments.


The software would be purchased through a cooperative contract between Tyler Technologies, Inc. and NJPA-National Joint Power Alliance, contract #110515-TTI.   Section 8.06.004 of City Code states commodities or services purchased through contracts established by a government procurement entity or cooperative pursuant to RSMo.70.220, or generally accepted governmental procurement practices through the competitive bidding process.  




Tyler Technologies’ Incode provides automation of the Municipal Court case management system by allowing cases to be inputted, updated, and managed through the beginning of filing of the case to its final conclusion.  This includes such functions as tracking court dates, fine/fee schedules and assessments, updating judgements, issuing failure to appear notices and/or issuing warrants, printing documents to be provided to defendants, and reporting convictions and other pertinent information to the State of Missouri. The system can prepare reports on specific cases or classes of violations as well as court activity for informational purposes.


In addition, Incode can integrate with the City’s New World Public Safety System in updating tickets and warrants therefore, keeping information up-to-date between the two systems.  The system can provide notices to officers of pending court dates requiring their appearance. The system also has the ability to generate phone calls to defendants to inform them of unpaid citations, court dates, and warrants issued.  Tyler Technologies reports that municipal courts utilizing Incode Notification Services have reduced failure to appear rates, increased collections, and experience cost savings by reducing postal mail notifications.


Technology Services staff believes this solution will serve in the best interest of the City and requests the City Council to approve this purchase.  If approved, work on this project will begin immediately with an estimated go-live date of May 2018.


Approval of this purchase order authorizes the Procurement Manager to issue future change orders up to a total of ten (10) percent of the current purchase order total, so long as appropriations are available.


Fiscal Impact:

Contract amount:  $237,769

Account number: 6503-5402

Department:          Technology ServicesContact Person:          Mark Baumann

City Clerk DepartmentApproved

Council Action:          Council Action:          Accepted

Incode ContractContract
Ordinance 8.31.17Ordinance